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Eliminate Heavy Metals Naturally

Eliminate Heavy Metals Naturally

Metals are the other side of the mineral coin. They can pretend to be minerals! This means that when people are mineral deficient, sometimes it is an issue of heavy metal blocking the mineral absorption, instead of that individual not taking enough minerals. 

For example, high levels of ALUMINUM can interrupt your ability to absorb balance Calcium. High Levels of SILVER + BERYLLIUM + LEAD can interrupt your ability to absorb and balance Phosphorus. High levels of THALLIUM (found in car, exhaust, imaging, rat poison, industrial workplaces) can interrupt your ability to absorb and balance Potassium.

Think about airplanes. They release jet fuel filled with heavy metals and chemical compounds into the air. Those get picked up by water molecules in rain clouds, and then that contaminated rain pours onto the soil, gets absorbed by the food, and is collected in wells and water storage tanks. Even the water we begin with contains heavy metals.

Basically, heavy metals are everywhere and the human body isn’t designed to utilize heavy metals. 

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Heavy Metals Myths vs. Truths

Myth #1: Heavy metals are naturally occurring

Myth #2: Heavy metals pass easily through the body

Myth #3: Heavy metals are not in organic food

Myth #4: Heavy metals disappear from soil over time

Truth #1: Heavy metals have been accumulating on our Earth from over 100+ years of industrial practices, leaded gas, and toxic insecticides.

Truth #2: Metals go through the same organs (ex. kidney, liver, heart, brain) to get processed just like a mineral or vitamin would, and this can interfere with function in those areas.

Truth #3: Metals are in organic food. California even has a law that says they must label it.

Truth #4: Heavy metals don’t just disappear from soil over time. In fact, specialty processes using things like mushrooms are the only way to remove metal from soil.

#healinghousedoctor #healthathome #drmichelle #heavymetals

Food is always our best medicine. Pectin is a good contaminant chelator that binds toxic substances so they can be easily removed from the body. 

Heavy metals are challenging to avoid but it CAN be done. Consider starting your own garden. Start by growing one fruit or vegetable and see where it “grows” from there!

TIP: Include parsley and cilantro whenever possible. Cilantro helps naturally remove aluminum, mercury, and lead. Parsley is especially great for mercury. They are easy to grow at home on a windowsill. 

Also be mindful of things like cookware and make simple swaps like parchment paper for aluminum foil. Including foods and herbs that are natural metal chelators helps your body eliminate the metals you do encounter. 

Get an OligoScan done!

An OligoScan is a special type of heavy metal test that will show you exactly which metals you are holding onto inside your cells and how they are impacting your minerals and vitamin levels. A blood test, hair test or even urine test can only show what you are eliminating, and what you really want to know is what cannot get out of the body, because that is what is most likely interrupting function. 

Eliminate Heavy Metals Naturally
Including foods and herbs that are natural metal chelators helps your body eliminate the metals you do encounter.